Banana ice cream…

…or the time Theo got his first brain freeze.

Did you know you can make ice cream out of just bananas? All you have to do is freeze a banana and then mix it in the blender until it becomes a creamy consistency. It’s pretty darn awesome, and I would eat it myself if bananas didn’t make my mouth itch. (Darn allergies!)

It is perfect, however, for babies. A nice ice cream treat with zero guilt. It’s a healthy, tasty dessert!

I gave some to Theo the other night and he wanted more, more more! And then he got a little too much and experienced his very first brain freeze. It was hilarious and cute, so I gave him more. (Does that make me a mean mom?)

You could even add other ingredients (I hear Nutella is DA BOMB!) to make it more interesting. Have you ever tried this before?

2 thoughts on “Banana ice cream…

  1. Thea is adorable!
    Banana ice cream is a favourite here too. I often just halve the bananas, put a popsicle stick inside, freeze them and cover them with dark chocolate right before handing them to my four year olds. You can do the same with melons by the way. Watermelon popsicles were a huge hit last summer at our house.
    I often also just slice up overripe bananas and freeze them for smoothies.

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