Happy 10 months, Theo!

My baby is 10 months old today!


Theo is currently obsessed with two things in our house: this little cabinet at the end of our hallway, pictured above. And second, the new locker we got for the living room. He always wants to go over to it and bang on it like a drum. He can also crawl really fast these days and we have to chase after him to make sure he isn’t getting into something he shouldn’t (like the recycling)!

He’s still a very friendly and outgoing baby, except for about 2-3 minutes right after he wakes up and just needs a little bit of cuddling / wake-up time until he is back to his normal, gregarious self.


He’s still eating like a champ, and Theo is now sitting with us directly at the table. I took the tray off of his high chair because I was tired of all of the food that got stuck in there in the cracks. Here he is devouring the sweet potato, carrot & apple hash I made the other day.

Not much else is new! We’re really enjoying life right now with our little guy! Happy 10 months!


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