This & that

Just popping in to share a few pictures from life around here recently.

Like trying to teach Theo how to scoop with a spoon. It was a big mess but he had so much fun!


…and these adorable little sneakers for playing outside. They just kill me!!


This boy will find every possible little thing on the floor to try to eat play with. Including tiny bits of string.



Hanging out with Daddy in the new play area in his room. DRÖNA boxes FTW! I clean up his toys by throwing them all in this box and pushing it back into the shelf. He then pulls the box back out and takes out all the toys. Easy to clean for me, and fun for him to take things back out again! Win win!


Speaking of Theo’s room, this is what it currently looks like. Far from finished! Slowly but surely!


I bought a bunch of honeycomb balls to hang from the ceiling (you can see a few on the chair and one in the playpen.  I’m not sure where to hang them yet. And I want to replace the canvas of the sculpture with a fun poster or something. Maybe the ABCs. The jury’s still out on whether I want to [try to find the time to] DIY something or just buy this one.


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