Theo’s first Saint Patrick’s Day


Yesterday was just glorious.

It got up to 60ºF and was sunny so we all went out in the afternoon to enjoy the weather.

I helped Tobi out with a photo job he’s working on which involved blowing bubbles all afternoon. Let me just say that that was pretty awesome! Theo slept in his stroller and then woke up and helped me blow bubbles. At some point Theo needed to move around and let off some steam, so I let him crawl around in the grass. It’s the first time he’s been in the grass that he’s been aware of it. I think he’s a fan!




I had to keep a keen eye on him to make sure he didn’t eat the grass, sticks, leaves and rocks he found. I had to pry one leaf out of his mouth. Hah.


Notice the green sweatshirt and rainbow hat in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day! I also brought my green woven wrap for carrying Theo when my arms needed a break.



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