Monday again!


How was your weekend?

After a record 38 posts in a row (excluding weekends), my brain decided to take Friday off from the blog. But I had a lovely weekend and now I’m gearing up for an exciting and busy week.

Some highlights of this weekend:

  • I’ve officially booked my flights for my summer trip to the States! Ahhh! Exciting!
  • We also booked a flight for a few days in Paris. It’ll be my first time back since I left in 2010! Ahhh!! Again, exciting!!!
  • Mussels for dinner on Sunday night with our friends Matthias, Ariane & kids
  • Making a fresh batch of new jam. 27 jars…and three new flavors to try!

And some highlights for this upcoming week:

  • I’m going to my very first Tupperware party. I must be getting old.
  • Waffles with the girls (and babies) of my birth prep course.
  • We’re ending the week by heading out to Bielefeld to visit the in-laws.

I saw that marquee letter at TK Maxx (Germany’s version of TJ Maxx) the other day and was really tempted to get it. Still wondering if I should go back there and see if it’s still there!



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