New favorite snack

You guys. Have you ever tried chocolate covered rice cakes?


These ones are dark chocolate. I was hungry while picking up diapers at Rossmann the other day and grabbed two packages of these to treat myself. A friend of mine recently turned me on to them and they are now my new favorite.


They are THE BOMB, yo.

We’ve been watching a lot of Breaking Bad in the evenings…I blame the previous sentence on that.


One thought on “New favorite snack

  1. The German mum of a child I taught English to when I first got here once presented me with a pack of these as a birthday present (knowing I can’t eat gluten I think she was a bit stuck for cake-like ideas) and I remember being almost offended that someone had given me rice cakes as a birthday present 😉 But it turned out they are amazing. I haven’t tried the Rossman ones, but I do like the ones they have in DM 🙂

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