Tommee Tippee Easi Mat


(Please note: This is NOT a sponsored post, nor did we receive any freebies for this. Just a mom wanting to share her review of a product we use often.)

I went out on a limb recently (because who knows how well these things really work) and bought a Tommee Tippee Easi Mat for Theo. Since we took off his tray from his high chair, he sits directly at the table with us now. To contain the mess a little, I thought it would be good to have some sort of placemat or something and I even asked my sister-in-law how well those suction cup bowls work. (She said not so well, generally.)

So in searching for different options, I came across the Easi Mat. Out of the 14 reviews of this product on Amazon, there were certainly several that said that it didn’t work all that well. But then I read this one, and this person definitely has a point:

“It makes me sad that there are so many negative reviews! This mat is GREAT! It is more to help your kids learn to eat, not keep them from being naughty (that is the PARENTS’ job not the company’s).”

We’re a big fan of Theo’s bibs, which are made by the same company, so I decided to just go for it. If it didn’t work out, it was relatively cheap and it wasn’t that big of an investment anyway. And even if the kid does figure out how to get the plate unstuck, we’re there to tell him “no” and put the plate back in its place.

Here’s what it looks like without the plate:


And here’s my little guy eating lunch!


My verdict? We’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and we love it! It really does work pretty well and it has absolutely helped Theo keep things on his plate rather than just smearing his food all the way across his end of the table.

(Side note: The melamine plate was a thoughtful gift from a friend and comes from Zara Home. It has a very cute travel theme!)

So far, the only drawback is that you can’t trust it too much. I would definitely recommend only using it with non-breakable bowls and plates.

We had a little mishap the other day after I had buckled him into his high chair and had walked across the kitchen to grab his bib. He was a little too eager to get to his food and reached over and grabbed the bowl, managing to get it unstuck and causing it to come crashing down to the floor. It broke, and I was like, “Noooooo!” because it was a bowl I had gotten Tobias for his birthday and I felt bad for breaking it and a bit stupid for not having seen that coming, and my harsh reaction to it made Theo cry. I then felt bad for making him cry and apologized to him, comforted him, and got him a fresh bowl and some new food. And I vowed not to use regular plates on it for the time being, or at least to push him up to the table right away and not mind if he gets a little on his shirt before I can get his bib on him. That’s what laundry is for, after all.

Anyway, I would buy this product again. When the meal is finished, I just wipe it in the sink and slap it up on my tile backsplash behind the sink and it sticks up there on the wall until the next mealtime. It’s also easy to take with me – I just roll it up and put it in the diaper bag. (Actually, I usually roll it up and put it in the pouch of his bib, then roll that up. That way it doesn’t pick up random crumbs or lint in my bag.)


Additionally, you can use it upside-down (with the suction cup on the table) as a placemat when you’re out at a restaurant. Your kid may not keep all of their food on it, but it is nice to know you’re not entirely at the mercy of whichever busboy who may have been less than thorough in wiping down the table. We did this at IKEA the other day when we went there for lunch and it worked out pretty well.

Thanks for letting me share! If anyone has any questions, just shoot me a comment!


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