English books

TK Maxx (Germany’s version of TJ Maxx!) has some English kids’ books! One opened up just last year over on the IKEA side of the train tracks. I don’t go there all that often, but I did go the other day with a friend who wanted to go there. I was elated to find a nice selection of English kids books and bought a few for Theo’s Easter basket.


The “I love the farm” one has a very fun collage-like layout. I’d never heard the word “cockerel” before, but apparently it refers to a young rooster. I also didn’t know that a male duck is called a drake. I guess even adults can learn from kids books!


TK Maxx also has some flavored coffee, which is otherwise pretty hard to find over here in Germany. Something to keep in mind!

It’s just nice to know that I can find some English books around here too. Thalia (or at least the bigger ones, like the one in the Europa Passage) also has a great English books section, including kids books. It’s just nice to be able to buy them here, too, without having to lug back heavy suitcases full of books from the States!


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