Pareidolia & Aprilscherz

When I poured some olive oil into this pan in preparation for cooking lunch, I saw what looks like a man.


A man in my pan. Jumping rope. I couldn’t have made it look like that if I’d tried!

So…I now realize it’s April Fools’ Day. I didn’t have any ideas for jokes here, so I figured I would share a little history instead: here is a fun link on past hoaxes in GermanyAprilscherz has a long tradition in Germany, and the holiday even supposedly got its start in Bavaria. Who says Germans don’t have a sense of humor? 😉

Last year Ritter Sport chocolate joked about a brand new flavor: Mett. Which is raw ground pork that Germans sometimes like to eat on bread. I’m not a big fan of Mett, but it’s hilarious thinking about it with chocolate. That’s like having sushi chocolate!

I wonder what is in store for us this year? There is almost always something in the newspapers or on the radio here in Germany that ends up being just a hoax.

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