Jumbo Gem Combo Organ


While in Bielefeld this weekend, we found this awesome vintage electronic organ at a thrift shop. Its legs screw off and you can pack it up nicely into its own little case.





Unfortunately, not all of the settings work, but we can at least get some good (and loud!) sound out of it. You can hear the full range of what this baby can do here on this video. Our vibrato doesn’t work (bummer! that’s the coolest part!) but Tobias might tinker around with it and see if he can get it to work. Here’s what it looks like inside:


What makes this even more of an impulse buy is that neither of us can actually play the piano. It was just so supergeil that we couldn’t pass it up. Plus, Tobi was happy he could knock 5 euros off the price by haggling – we got it for 30 euros. The good news is, learning should be easier because the notes are written up above the keys. I did take one year of piano lessons…about 15 years ago. Maybe I’ll bring back my old books back with me next time I visit my parents so I can learn a few simple songs again.


Sorry for the gazillion photos, but it was just so much fun! Theo enjoyed playing and swinging his feet. I will have to bring his high chair in so he can sit and play it.


One thought on “Jumbo Gem Combo Organ

  1. Hi Guys , cool !!!
    In case you wanna sell this Organ once (?) am interested for it!
    (I have the Jumbo R6 ,the new version of it )
    Live in Berlin

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