Easter Tree 2015


I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks now, but we finally brought the Easter ornaments down from the attic and I picked out a nice bunch of branches from the florist on the corner. I’m not sure I can still call it a “tree” if it’s only just branches in a vase. But what else would I call it?


Aren’t these ornaments just lovely? We bought these ornaments at a flea market and used them for the first time last year. I realize now I didn’t actually take any pictures of it last year. Guess I was distracted by that warm weather we were having…and my by-then ginormous baby bump. The year before, I used my DIY washi tape Easter egg ornaments.

While decorating this tree, I was absentmindedly humming “Jingle Bells”, and my husband suddenly piped up and said there’s probably something wrong with the fact that it’s April and I’m still singing Christmas songs. Oops! Oh well. Easter, Christmas…it’s all about the same guy, at least?


So now we finally have our Easter tree, just in time to Easter.

I’m happy to check that off the list. Even though Theo won’t remember this, I was overcome with Mom Guilt that I hadn’t done it yet. As trivial as it is, I couldn’t just let it slide this year. Not for his first Easter.

Now all I have to do is finish sewing his Easter basket!


5 thoughts on “Easter Tree 2015

  1. I didn’t even realize Easter trees were a thing until this year. I was at my boyfriend’s father’s house, and he decorated two in the backyard, which is pretty cute since both of his children are in their 30’s and neither of them have children of their own…

    Anyways, I love your solution for apartment living! I may just have to try that out next year!

    • Strangely enough, my grandma had an Easter tree. It was white and made out of wire, and she also had wooden ornaments for it. But I think it’s not all that common in the States!

      That’s really cute that your boyfriend’s father still decorates the trees in the backyard. Aww! I guess it’s like parents say, “You’ll always be my baby!” I can imagine doing the same for my kid(s) someday.

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