Spotted at the Elbe

On our walk down to the Elbe last weekend, we saw this big, fuzzy, rat/beaver/squirrel-looking thing sitting there on top of some floating sticks.


I knew it couldn’t be a beaver – it was far too small for that – but it surely couldn’t be just a big, mutant rat, right? After a lot of googling, I think I found the answer. It seems that we stumbled upon a muskrat! I’ve never seen one of those before, and it’s funny how similar it looks to a beaver.


I also found out about this thing called a nutria. Ever heard of it? It’s bigger and has a different tail than a muskrat, which is why I ruled the nutria out as an option for our little friend.

But there’s this hilarious kickstarter campaign for a documentary about nutria. Nutria are also known as coypu, or river rats. These three guys want to do a documentary about them and, to raise money for their project, even did a taste test of nutria meat, prepared three different ways. It was pretty amusing to watch. And if you donate a certain amount to their campaign, they’ll even send you a package of nutria sausage…crazy!

Would you try something also known as ‘river rats’?

The most outlandish thing I’ve ever had is fish eye when we were honeymooning in Bali. It was not as disgusting as you would think, although Tobias wholeheartedly disagrees with me on that one.

I’ve also had bear jerky once. It was at a Revolutionary War reenactment I was participating in. Have I ever shared that here? 

What’s the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?


8 thoughts on “Spotted at the Elbe

  1. I think I would feel guilty eating bear… But I’d have no problem eating river rat! I’ve often wondered about what squirrel would taste like. Basically, I would have no problem eating any non-rare animals.

    P.S. I can’t believe you’ve never seen a muskrat. They live in ditches and ponds all over the place in Illinois…

    • Oh my gosh yes, I wonder what squirrel would taste like, too! My friend’s dad and brothers hunt and they used to have squirrel in their freezer. Too bad I never tried it then!

      Nope, never seen a muskrat before! I knew the word, but didn’t even know what it looked like. hah!

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