A day at the beach



We had some really nice, warm weather on Monday and so I decided to take Theo down to the Elbe to have a picnic lunch in the sand and to just spend some time out in the sun. We got sand all over, he squealed in delight every time a dog ran by, and once even crawled over to another baby to say hi. I really enjoyed being outside, and I think he did, too. And even though Theo ate more than his fair share of sand, I managed to keep him from eating any bottle caps, cigarette butts, or sticks, so I’m going to go ahead and call it a win.


Sandwich, anyone?


Theo’s new sun hat I made him a week ago has definitely come in handy these past several days. I used this tutorial and sewed up his new hat during nap time. It turned out really well and I was super proud of myself for being able to make it so quickly. Having made the first hat back for our Mallorca trip, I was already familiar with the process and it went a lot more smoothly this time.  I love being able to sew up things like this!





2 thoughts on “A day at the beach

  1. That hat is super cute, and I am super impressed with your sewing abilities! Also, thank goodness for the amazing weather these past couple weeks (let’s hope it stays…).

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