My due date – then & now!

What a difference a year makes!


I seriously can’t believe that just one year ago, it was my due date.

I remember having coffee at Adele & Clodwig with the girls from the birth prep course. None of us had had our babies yet, and we all squeezed ourselves and our big bellies around the table and chatted about all sorts of things, sipping on lattes and scarfing down delicious pie. What we talked about, exactly, I don’t remember. But I do know that it was my due date and I felt SO ready to have the baby. I was nervous he’d make me wait long enough to have to be induced. Thankfully, he only waited two days after the due date. There was a buzzing feeling of excitement – es wird gleich losgehen – a new adventure was just about to begin.

I know every mother ever since the beginning of time has said this, but where has the time gone!? It’s just so surreal to have an almost-one-year-old. Just two more days. I feel such a strange mix of emotions. So much of parenting is bittersweet – I’m so blessed to have had the privilege of watching him grow from a tiny little baby into the still-small-but-much-bigger boy he is now. My goodness, though, my heart aches when I look back at the newborn pictures. How was that already a year ago?


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