Coming to a close


My time in the US is almost over. The week before one leaves is always a strange feeling. Like you want to get in everything and everyone that you possibly can, scrambling to get it all done. I felt that way leaving Hamburg, and I feel that way now. Every time I think about it, I feel a little bit teary.

Everything will be so different once I get back. Theo starts at Kita, I start back work. A new normal will emerge, and we’ll have to get used to a new routine. As with any big change, I feel a little bit apprehensive about how it will all be. It will be an adjustment, but I’m also sure it will be fine in the end. It’s just a lot to think about right now.

We went to Ocean City with the family two weeks ago. And we went to Chicago last week, just the three of us, and enjoyed a nice visit. My cousin, Jen, lives there and she hosted us there for the week. We had a fabulous time getting to explore the city, and I even got to visit a few old high school friends who have since moved out there. We have had wonderfully warm weather…which I am definitely going to miss when I’m back in Hamburg. (A friend just emailed me that it already feels like fall there and you need a sweatshirt. Yuck! It’s not even August yet!)

I feel like I’m all over the place here. I’ve definitely gotten out of practice of writing. I just haven’t needed it as an outlet as much recently because of all the travel and just hanging out here at home. I hope I will make more time for writing later, once I’m back in Hamburg and life works back toward “normal”. With two weeks away with little internet access, I’ve come to realize something. This long stay in the US has been nice to disconnect a little bit. Living without a smartphone has been strange.

I’ve checked less instagram, read maybe only 1 or 2 blogs, and even let my emails pile up, which then stressed me out to have so many unread emails. And I realized that I need a change. I need to simplify my online presence, unsubscribe from email lists, and take a few blogs off my reading list. Because I noticed that I haven’t really missed it, and the sheer volume of information out there that I feel the need to catch up on is overwhelming, and that’s strange to me. It feels so unreal. It’s been a nice break, and I may need a little more time to work through these changes coming up in my life and get back to a routine before I’m back here, regularly posting about my life. Bear with me. I do hope you are all enjoying your summer, and I hope to find you back here when I’m ready.



3 thoughts on “Coming to a close

  1. Hi Sarah, summer is going well here for us. I’m glad you’ve had a chance to visit friends & relatives and disconnect a bit; kinda like a “retreat” from constant info overload. We had an enjoyable family reunion last weekend in Wild & Wonderful WV, not pouring over emails etc., just enjoying family & nature!

  2. I definitely can relate to your feelings. I am German, living in the US, and I always unplug when I got visit family. The first few days I feel like I am missing out, but at the end of my stay, I am always in a place where I want to reevaluate how I use my time online.
    Having said that, blogs are still my favorite thing 🙂

  3. “I’ve definitely gotten out of practice of writing. ”

    I know this sensation all too well. I’m glad to see you’re getting back to the thing that generate post ideas, but it’s always a little sad to see summertime ending.

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