Tomorrow’s the big day. Theo goes off to Kita. (German daycare.)

I’ve been a mess this entire week, on the verge of tears at any moment. From what I hear, all my other mom friends felt the same, even if they were also excited to get back to work. I won’t go so far as to say that I’m excited about work…but I am thankful to have a job to go back to, as well as to have had this amazing opportunity to stay home with my firstborn as long as I have.

Kita starts off with what Germans call Eingewöhnung, which means that the parent accompanies the child for their first day, both only staying a short time before going back home. The time spent there will gradually increase before the parent has to leave the child all alone at the Kita for the full day. This gives the child some time to get used to their new surroundings, schedule, teacher, and other kids. It’s also good for the parents to get an idea of what goes on there.

Tobias is going with Theo for the Eingewöhnung. I will be taking over a few days next week because Tobias has to work, so I am also excited to get a chance to get to know his new “school”.

Tonight, as I was getting Theo ready for bed, I talked to him a little bit about his big day tomorrow. Zipping up his sleep sack, I told him about how he will go to school tomorrow with Daddy and how he gets to meet his teacher, make some new friends, and play with a lot of new toys. I told him he would have lots of fun, and I asked, “Are you excited?” And YOU GUYS, no joke…he nodded his head yes.

He will be fine.


Mommy may not be fine…not yet, at least…but he will be just fine.


3 thoughts on “Kita

  1. Hi I have come across your blog. It is very interesting. Read many of your posts. Planing to read all…..:))
    All over the world moms are same. It is very tough to leave the kid on the first day.

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