Weekend musings

We had a pretty awesome weekend over here. It was my friend’s birthday yesterday and she invited a ton of people over for brunch out in their garden. The sun was shining and it was just lovely out, and even quite warm in the sun! And then today they had people over again because their daughter, Juliette — Theo’s fiancée, we joke — was baptized today. Everything about these past two days was just wonderful.

I’m sitting here on the couch trying to rest a bit. I’m absolutely stuffed from all of the food we ate. But I think it was the 5 (!) pieces of cake that did me in! Juliette’s French grandmother made a delicious, custardy cake called Far Breton. YUM. (English recipe here – with or without alcohol!) I am definitely going to make this cake myself sometime soon!


In other news, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping. I bought Theo a Halloween/Karneval costume on Saturday. I just couldn’t resist this tiger at TK-Maxx. (Germany changed the name to TK instead of TJ…I wonder why? – Never mind – apparently the first European store opened in Bristol , where there was another store called TJ Hughes and they didn’t want it to be confused with that. Funny!) Theo was really amused when he saw his reflection in the mirror, and he growled a few times. But then he ran out into the hallway to play with his fire truck, so back to business as usual. Germans don’t really do much for Halloween here, but I’m hoping it will still fit for Karneval in February.

I also couldn’t resist buying him some cute shoes. He didn’t have any that fit him (EU size 20). And he only has one pair that is too big still. All of the rest are suddenly too small! It’s crazy how fast his feet are growing. And I bought a snowsuit that I really liked. More on the shoes and the snowsuit another time when there’s better light for pictures. 🙂

Unfortunately, I have a bit of a cold. My voice is so deep, I can sing along with the Chocolate Rain video perfectly. (Anybody else remember this one? Sorry for the ear worm…) Here’s hoping it goes away quickly!

2 thoughts on “Weekend musings

  1. Hello! I haven’t stopped in here for ages… look how much Theo has grown!! And I understand about the shoes… the Mini Dietz apparently has excessively wide feet and it is impossible to find shoes that fit properly. But he’s going through them like wildfire!!

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