Nose flute

I was just on Amazon looking for a protective case for my new iPhone (Tobi got it for me for my birthday!!!) and I noticed something that looked kind of strange on the recommended items list.

We are planning on getting Theo some musical instruments for Christmas, and I had used Amazon to do various searches for harmonicas and kazoos and the like. So now it is recommending all sorts of instruments that I might like to buy. But this? I saw the picture and couldn’t make out what it was.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.21.55 PM_zpsnbc3a3pr.png

Nasenflöte? Nose flute? I’d never heard of that before. But apparently it’s a thing. This cute old couple plays them really well.

might have to get one and try it out…. Have you ever heard of this before?


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