Theo’s Snowsuit

As I mentioned before, I “splurged” on this snowsuit for Theo:


I guess you can’t really call it a splurge, since I only paid 34.13€ for it. Actually, considering the fact that it originally cost 60 bucks. I originally hesitated because I was sure I could find cheaper snowsuits on eBay Kleinanzeigen, and I did find a few. But none of them were as pretty as this one!

It’s from Name It, which seems to be a pretty good brand of snowsuit here in Germany. It’s water resistant, too, which is important. But man, the pattern = all the heart eyes emojis. So in the end, I went for the pretty one and I’m glad I did. It’s super easy to spot Theo in a crowd in that snowsuit. We’ll be looking at it all winter, so I’m sure it was a good investment. And my hesitation paid off, because the next day, Limango (the site I bought it from) just happened to have its anniversary celebration, which brought my shipping down from 5 euros to only 80 cents. Yay!

Here’s Theo testing it out – it was the first day it got really cold!

Just look at him. Handsome lil’ stud!



2 thoughts on “Theo’s Snowsuit

  1. Aww, he’s so cute!
    Do you have snow already or are you just super organised? It was quite cold here last week (but no snow), but seems to have warmed up slightly today – by which I mean around 10°C rather than 6!

    • Ha, nope. No snow yet here, thankfully. But I figured it would be easier than getting a jacket and warm pants for when he’s outside – now I have one that does double duty! Plus, one-piece snowsuits are so adorable!

      This week is supposed to be 12-13 degrees – so perhaps the snowsuit is a bit much. Might switch back to his soft-shell jacket he already has for the time being. Ha!

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