5 Plans for this year’s Christmas Tree

You all know I can’t help it. I think I may need this t-shirt:


You know that carol, Christmas Dreaming? The lyrics literally describe me right now, as I’ve been singing Jingle Bells to myself on and off all day long.

I’m doing
My Christmas dreaming
A little early this year
No sign of snow around
And yet I go around
Hearing jingle bells
Ringing in my ear

Well, it might be a little more than a “little early” but you know me. The other day I stopped into IKEA to indulge in a little Christmas dreaming and to check out their ornament selection.

For your (and my) reference, here is how we decorated our Christmas tree in previous years:

2011 — popcorn and cranberry garland, red and green ornaments
2012 — tiny tabletop tree with colorful vintage ornaments
2013 — huge tree with vintage ornaments
2014 — paper garland, vintage ornaments, salt dough ornaments

This year, here’s what I’m thinking. Because, yes. It’s only October, but I’m planning already. Deal with it! (wink, wink!)

1.  We’ll stick with a traditional color scheme – while I loved the colorful vintage ornaments, this year I am going to pick up a pack of red ones and silver ones from IKEA – they have good metal ones that aren’t quite as fragile as traditional glass ones. I gravitate towards the red, gold and silver decorations. Combined with the green of the tree, these colors really feel like Christmas to me.

2.  Last year I had a small paper garland. This year, I want to have a garland that will actually wrap around the whole tree. Perhaps a paper chain garland? Or I might use sparkly gold wrapping paper to sew up another circle garland like last year’s. I want to do a popcorn one again sometime, but I think Theo might still be too tempted to try and eat it off the tree… OR I might go for a DIY glittery bow tie pasta garland!

3.  I will still use some of our old ornaments, reserving the space at the top of the tree for the more breakable ones. I want to use my salt dough ornaments from a few years ago, and most definitely will use any glittery ones we own, because I love the way they sparkle in the tree lights.

4.  I’m also going to add some new ornaments, like my origami star ornaments and anything else that I end up making between now and then.

5.  Last, but not least, I will be sure to pick up an extra strand of lights to have on hand. As soon as it’s available in stores, that is. Because last time one strand burnt out while we were decorating the tree, and we didn’t have any extra ones. And alas! We had to wait until the next day to continue our decorating!

Is anyone else out there already planning out this year’s Christmas decorations? I’d love to know if you are! 





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