Cardboard play house


About a month ago, our downstairs neighbor friends got a new bed from IKEA. We just happened to see them at the right moment – we were trying to find out where we could get a big cardboard box to make a play house for Theo. So they gave us the boxes their bed came in and…all of that sat in our living room for another month while we slowly built the little house.

Actually, the house ended up being quite large – I think all three of us could fit in there if we wanted to – and it takes up a little more space in Theo’s room than we had envisioned, but we love it. And Theo loves it. He goes in and out of the house, plays peek-a-boo in the windows, and puts things into the mailbox out front.

I think I need to add one more little window on the side so that I can peek in on him when I’m lying on the couch, but it’s nice to have it mostly finished!

There are a lot of cute ones out there that are painted or covered with wallpaper, but I think we are going to stick with the all-natural cardboard look.


We mostly followed this tutorial from The Lunchbox Memoirs, but of course with some adaptations due to our box size and the fact that we had to glue the boxes together with wood glue to make one large enough.

Sure, we could have bought a cheaper one, ready-to-go, for all the time that we spent on it. But there’s something more fun about designing your own house – even one out of cardboard – and I am glad we did it.

As a final touch, I added a strand of very-bright white fairy lights to it. I was about to throw out the LED strand because I prefer warmer light, but it’s nice to just make do with what we had and not have to buy another one. Besides, Theo could care less. We of course have to be careful not to leave it on – fire hazards and all – but it’s nice that Theo will be able to play in there and see when it’s dark.


One thought on “Cardboard play house

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! I’m not sure I’d have the patience to build a playhouse myself!

    I used to have a next foor neighbour whose dad built her a wooden playhouse in the back garden. Yes, I was immensely jealous of her!

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