Eggless pancakes and Theo’s first black eye

On Monday, a friend told me she was in the mood for pancakes and asked if I felt like going out to the Kindercafé with her. The Kindercafé is a great place for families with babies and young children. There is a play area and plenty of high chairs. But on a rainy, gray day, it’s always super full – especially after 4pm. And I was not really in the mood for going out again after picking Theo up from his Kita, so I suggested she and her son come over and play, and I would make some pancakes for us.

The only problem was that I didn’t have any eggs. So I did a little googling and found this recipe from Yummy Tummy. It really turned out delicious, so I wanted to share it here, as well as document it so I remember it next time I’m eggless but in the mood for pancakes! You do need a banana for it, so you’d have to have that.

After enjoying our pancakes, we moved over into Theo’s room to let the kids play. They were literally squealing with delight – screaming, actually – running in and out of the new playhouse with such gusto. I had even put a chair in there, thinking that he might like to sit on it sometime. But that ended up being a bad idea…because Theo tripped on the way in and hit his eye, just as I was running into the other room to get my camera because the kids were being so cute. He screamed, I ran back in and picked him up and cuddled him. Then I noticed his eye – not the eyeball, but next to it – was bleeding. Just a little gash, and my instincts told me it wasn’t bad enough to need to go to the hospital. But still. My poor baby.

The next morning it was very swollen and his whole eyelid was red. He looked like a boxer who just got out of the ring. Today, the swollen, red eyelid has turned into a purpley-black one that’s slightly less puffy. I wonder if he’ll have a scar from the gash…

I took the chair out for now. I guess something like that could happen anywhere. Still, I feel bad. Poor little guy.



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