Oma (aka mmm-ah) is here. It was my idea, since Tobi is on an overseas business trip this week. That way Theo doesn’t have to go an extra hour early to the Kita so I can get to work, and she gets to have some bonding time with her grandson.

Today we met at the Christmas market after work and when I found them, they were watching the carousel. Theo made it very clear that he’d like to ride it, so I asked the guy at the ticket booth if Theo was old enough to ride yet. He said that small kids can just have an adult ride with them for free, so I forked over 2.50€ for a ticket.

So Theo rode with Oma on a big fire truck and he looked so serious the whole time…except for one time he saw me and smiled. I, of course, filmed and took pictures to show Tobi later. But that serious look just showed that he was completely mesmerized, dazzled by the lights and the music and the fact that he was driving a ‘real’ fire truck. As I expected, he was sad when it was time to get off the ride! We’ll definitely have to do it again another time, and I have a feeling it will be a yearly tradition.



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