Advent Calendar


It’s been so fun to watch Theo open up his advent calendar bags every day. He always gets so excited!

I was going to make one out of toilet paper rolls, but needed something larger, and this one at IKEA caught my eye. The nice white bags with red numbers are classic in style and the cloth bags are large enough to hold larger items, too. And for just 10€, this “investment” is definitely worth it!

Too bad I don’t have a stairwell to hang it from. But it’s kind of nice to bring each bag out individually. I tied the first one to his crib, as you can see, but it was too hard for him to get it down himself so now I just bring out the bag and hand it to him. Back in like August or September, I bought a big bag of Duplo animals on eBay Kleinanzeigen. So every day, he gets a new animal or two. Today he got zookeepers. Yesterday he got a lion family, which elicited many, many roars. It’s been fun.

I wanted to take a video, but my phone wouldn’t let me (for whatever reason), but I’m glad I took pictures. Just look how excited he is!



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