Christmas 2015


The big deal here in Germany is Christmas Eve. We tried to go to the 3:00 church service, but our church is just too popular. It was too full, and we were just a minute or two too late — they had to close the doors and not let any more people in. It was a bit frustrating. The next service wasn’t until 4:30, and we didn’t want to wait that long with Theo outside until then, so we walked home.

On the way home, we stopped by a playground where there are chickens and visited the chickens for a bit. Theo was excited to see them, and even though we hadn’t been there in about a month and a half, he knew they were there — he said, “Bock bock bock!” as soon as he saw the entrance to the playground. There was a slight setback when Theo got too excited about putting lettuce through the fence and å chicken got too excited about that and pecked his finger. Theo cried big tears. Poor buddy.

We came back home and made an early dinner — sausage with potatoes and Grünkohl — and had a nice candlelit dinner together. Then it was time to open presents! Theo opened his first present from his Aunt Selina and played with it for the next half hour, not even realizing there were other presents there. :) Young kids are so satisfied with simple things.



The big present from us was a Bobby Car – which he opened last. He was so excited about it!


On Christmas morning, we had our traditional Christmas breakfast of bacon, orange juice and cinnamon orange rolls.


Then it was time for presents, round two – from the five boxes of presents my mom sent us. They definitely spoiled us!



We had a lovely morning of opening gifts, and then Theo took a nap. So did we!

In the afternoon, we went to Matthias & Ariane’s for a lovely late lunch of duck, dumplings, and Brussels sprouts. Oh my gosh, it was delicious! In the evening, we went to church for Christmas carols, which was nice since we had missed it the day before.


Tobias and I were so full after eating all day that we didn’t even think about feeding Theo dinner. By the time we got back home at 7 and had skyped with my family until 8, he seemed really tired (and so were we!) and we put him to bed. Except Theo had a rough time of it…and just screamed and screamed. At first we thought it was just over-stimulation from the two days of opening presents and playing. But when I got him some water, he gulped it like he was dying of thirst, and then he said, “Uu-guck.” Translation: Frühstück – breakfast. He was hungry. And then we felt like the worst parents ever for putting our child to bed on CHRISTMAS with NO DINNER. !!! So we unzipped him from his sleep sack, brought him to the table, and let him have something to eat. Afterwards, he went to bed just fine. Parenting fail right there…

Other than that little hiccup, which Theo hopefully won’t remember (that is, until he is older and reads this blog…), we had a really lovely Christmas. Soon we have to hop on a train to Bielefeld to visit the in-laws.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, joyous Christmas filled with lots of love, food, and family. Merry Christmas!


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