Americans and flavored coffee

A student walked up to me yesterday and asked, “Are you a typical American girl?”

Not knowing where she was going with her question, I didn’t want to answer too quickly. I said, “Probably, yes, but it also depends on what subject you’re talking about!” I thought she might ask me if my Christmas tree is still up, or about my political views on recent events relating gun issues. Nope. I was pleasantly surprised at her next question. “Do you like flavored coffee?”

I had to laugh because Tobias had recently organized our roll-out pantry and found a Ziploc bag full of flavored coffee samples that had been in my stocking last year at Christmas. On several occasions (before I found flavored coffee available here in Hamburg), I had asked family and friends visiting to bring me over a package of hazelnut coffee, and last summer, Dad surprised me with several little bags of some delicious varieties of flavored coffee from the supermarket near his work.

Yes, I love flavored coffee!

I guess that does make me a typical American, doesn’t it?

She said that she’d had some family visiting during the holidays who currently live in the States, and they brought her some White Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee that she’s not a fan of. So she will bring it for me next week.

Photo on 1-8-16 at 7.48 AM 5_zps4m7nlpjp

I’ve been using up those little stocking stuffer packets of coffee. I try to limit myself to one cup o’ joe, just in the mornings, for the good of the little one growing inside me. So I’ve especially enjoyed savoring these special new flavors. This morning I topped my coffee with whipped cream and sprinkled it with cinnamon, just like I used to do back in my college days. That sure brought me back!

Do you like flavored coffee? Is it really such an American thing? 

Theo keeps seeing this mug, by the way, and saying, “Santa!” He also thinks the garden gnome we have on our balcony is Santa, too. Hah! Close, but not quite.


3 thoughts on “Americans and flavored coffee

  1. The best flavoured coffee isn’t American. The most delightful <> comes from Northern Germany (long before Irish coffee was “invented”)
    I like flavoured tea or coffee too, but only if the flavour doesn’t come from a chemical laboratory. Like most American flavours come from, I suppose. :-)

    • Oh, there’s definitely nothing natural about American flavors. You’re right there! :) Most, at least.

      Do you have any brand names or something you could point me towards? I’d be interested in trying it!

      • I like Monin syrup (French chemical industry) “roasted hazelnut”. Sometimes I use a tea filter to flavour with spices. The same technique is perfectly suited to make your own Glühwein. I buy rarely ready made flavoured beverages. They use cheap coffee/ wine, adding cheap flavours and a large amount of sugar. This business concept cultivates Starbucks into a gold mine. I prefer good genuine coffee how they served him in Vienna or Trieste.

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