Streak-free shower doors


We recently got a new shower door because our old sliding glass door finally went kaputt after 5 years of living in this apartment.

The newer model is one that, thankfully, opens and closes much more easily, and I think will be a lot longer-lasting than the other one was.

Now that we have a nice, beautiful glass door again, I want to keep it that way. By the time I realized that the old one was getting dirty and stained with hard water stains, it was already too late.

Does anyone have any tried and true tricks to keeping glass shower doors clean? We do have a squeegee to wipe the water off of the doors after every shower. Other tricks I’ve heard involve a vinegar-dishwashing soap mixture, or using a magic eraser. Anyone have any experience with either of those? I’d love to hear any tips you might have in the comments!

The only streaking we need in the bathroom is for the quick dash down the hallway when we’ve forgotten to bring a change of clothes! (wink wink!)


4 thoughts on “Streak-free shower doors

  1. I only know the squeegee trick, and maybe also keeping a cloth in/near the shower to quickly wipe over any streaks you do see forming as soon as you notice them.

  2. I cannot believe that *this* is the first post that I’m actually commenting on! Hello from an American in Essen (ca. 12 yrs). We squeegee after every shower, and wipe excess with a small towel. BUT what really works is a “Fensterleder” every now and then, very well wrung out (H2O plus some lavender Frosch cleaner)!

  3. We use a squeegee after each shower and a Magic Eraser every 1-2 weeks to cut through remaining soap scum with ease.
    I have heard of others using Rain Ex for their glass shower, but have not tried it myself.

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