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Last Thursday evening, I got that sick taste in my mouth. Do you know what I’m talking about? That moment when you feel a cold coming on and you can literally taste the difference. Sure enough, Friday – BAM. My cough that I’ve had since before Christmas was finally on its way out, only to be replaced by a new cough. My voice was really deep and I called off work, spent the day in bed (and the better part of the weekend, too) and tried to recover. I drank tea by the gallon. It wasn’t a very nice way to spend Valentine’s Day weekend, not even kissing Tobi because I didn’t want to infect him. My parents did send some lovely flowers, though, and a package full of presents for Theo. They really do spoil us!


Feeling about 80% better, I went to work on Monday. I admit, I pushed myself. And on Tuesday, felt a bit worse before going in to teach an intensive course I really should have canceled. After that class on Tuesday, I felt even worse than I had on the weekend and unfortunately, had to take off work the rest of the week.

It’s really hard for me to accept the German mentality of if you’re sick, take the time to get better. It’s not doing anyone any good if you prolong things. It may be my American roots, but taking a sick day is a serious matter. I wanted to power through, show my boss (and myself, really) that I could do it. But that was a mistake. Especially while pregnant. So I am taking it easy. Reading. Drinking. Resting. Sleep is hard to come by, unfortunately, because my cough just gets worse and worse as the night progresses.

I thought about venturing out to buy diapers today – a simple get-out-of-the-house errand, but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. Just the thought of it required so much energy that I just don’t have yet. Thankfully, Tobias has been able to help out a lot. I just feel guilty not being able to do normal things, but I also don’t want to push myself too hard around the house either. So I am making it a point to relax, put my feet up, and recover.


This unexpected down time where I can do little more than reading or writing has given me some time to plan a few more ideas for upcoming posts. So stay tuned for more. And stay healthy out there!


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