Theo has an ear infection (his first) and I’m not sure if it was related or more due to the strawberries he’d had with lunch (too acidic?) but he had his first barf last week. Poor little guy. He cried at 11:30 pm and I went in to put in his paci and felt the disgustingness on his face right before the wave of stench hit me. Poor baby.

We had to change the sheets, get him changed into fresh pajamas and a new sleep sack and put him back down. About twenty minutes later, he had thrown up again. Cue another change of sheets.

On the plus side, THANK GOD WE HAVE A DRYER NOW. The next day, I washed and dried everything – sheets, pajamas, mattress cover, Beaver. Otherwise he would have been sleeping on towels on a bare foam mattress. (Cleaning tip: I put Beaver in a pillowcase and washed and dried him with all of the other stuff – he came out just fine and looking himself again. It says you’re not supposed to dry the Scentsy animals but I did anyway and am glad it worked out.)

On Thursday I took him to the doctor’s after Kita and he was prescribed nose drops and ear drops, which Theo hates. I don’t blame him, of course, but it’s not been fun. He’s also getting two teeth at the moment which are taking their own sweet time coming in.

I will be so thankful when things are back to normal. He has been very moody and irritated – who can blame the guy? – especially when it comes to food. Part toddlerhood, part not being able to express himself, and part feeling bad. Not a good combination, and it’s been exhausting. I sure hope he behaves better at Kita today than he did at breakfast this morning, where he would only eat some yogurt after a lot of coaxing and sitting facing me on my lap, moving his head just enough for me to feed him another spoonful. It’s hard when he’s not feeling himself. Part of it is him being a tad dramatic.

On Saturday morning when we had the same horrifying breakfast experience, we put him down for a nap and he slept for 3 hours. When he woke up, he had a few brief moments of acting normal again, but then it was bad again, so we took him outside for a walk. We walked to Mercado and went all the way upstairs to the Fressnapf pet shop to look at the hamsters, bunnies, birds and fish.

When we were there I saw this. Dog food called BARF. Which apparently stands for bones and raw food, among other similar acronyms. But still…makes me think of vomit.


I truly hope this week includes far less barf and my boy starts feeling better soon. I’m still not quite back to normal myself…my throat is still a little sore.


9 thoughts on “Barf!

  1. That BARF acronym is dumb. They are using so much English in their marketing, but they don’t bother looking to see if “barf” means something first? This stuff drives me crazy! At least its not human food, I guess…

    Get well soon, Theo! Sorry to hear he’s been having such a lousy week!

    • Gross, right? I chatted with a student who has dogs and knew all about the BARF diet. She kept using it as a transitive verb and saying, “My friend BARFs her dog” and it was so very weird to hear about! The weird thing is, BARF is not only an acronym used here in Germany. When I googled BARF, the first website that came up about (after Wikipedia) was an American one! Eek!

    • We recently walked past a BARF store here in Essen (couldn’t figure it out)! T had not heard of “barf”, so he was surprised to learn it means the same thing as “puke”. Certainly didn’t make either of us want to run into the store and check it out! (PS I also still get a kick out of “Bad” – like just random signs on doors at work that say “BAD” or ads for “Bad Design” companies – gets me every time. :-)

      Get well soon to everyone who needs it!

      • Thanks! Now it’s Tobi’s turn to be sick – some sort of flu or just a bad cold. :(

        I always laugh at “Bad-” stuff too. I once saw something called “Bad Träume” and couldn’t dissociate it from bad dreams, even though it means bath. Similarly, Not (emergency) tricks me.

        • “Not” had never occurred to me – strangely! I’ll have to watch for that – working in a hospital we have a lot of “Bad”, but we should have a lot of “Not” as well! I’ll let you know….

  2. Hi, ich lese deinen Blog schon eine Weile als Stillerleser . Bitte nehmt die Ohrenentzündung/Mittelohrentzündung nicht auf die leichte Schulter. Ich hab als Kind durch eine verschleppte Mittelohrentzündung auf meinem linken Ohr, 60 % der Hörfähigkeit verloren.
    Liebe Grüße und Gute Besserung

    • Wow, danke für dein Kommentar! Das ist echt schade, dass du dadurch so viel deiner Hörfähigkeit verloren hast. Ich wusste gar nichts von diesem Risiko. Danke, dass du das mitteilst! Ich freue mich, dass die verschriebene Ohrentropfen scheinen zu helfen. Ich werde nach der Behandlung nach weiteren Signalen gucken. Der Arzt meinte, erst die Tropfen, und wenn es nicht besser wird, dann ein orales Antibiotikum.

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