Karnevalsgottesdienst 2016


Okay, it’s already been a month or so since then, but here goes!

Welcome to my annual Karnevalsgottesdienst post! This year was the 14th year of of them doing a special Karneval-style church service at Christianskirche in Ottensen.

This year, we reused Halloween costumes: Theo’s tiger outfit still fit, more or less, and my garden gnome costume from a few years ago still fit just fine, despite being a few months more pregnant than last time. Tobi was on his own, though, and tried to come up with something last minute. In the end, he went as an American flag. The stars we taped onto his blue shirt didn’t last very long, though. Even Beaver had his own cowboy hat costume!


I really enjoyed myself this time. We sat in one of the side pews with Susanne and Klaus, who were dressed up as nuns, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to understand this year. Sermons just have another style of language to them and are hard for me to understand anyway. A rhyming one, like they do for this service, is even more difficult. But I got a lot out of it this time, and it was fun singing the songs (Wer soll das bezahlen; Wir sind alle kleine Sünderlein; etc.) mostly from memory this time. And, just as every year, they’ve been a constant Ohrwurm (earworm!) ever since.





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