Thoughts on Team Green


Have you heard of Team Green? I’m too forgetful these days (thanks, pregnancy brain!) to remember if I have shared about it here before or not, but I wanted to write out a few thoughts I have on being Team Green for this pregnancy.

It’s just a silly little rhyming name for the decision to wait to find out the sex of your baby until birth. You know, as opposed to pink or blue, green is a neutral color like yellow or gray that is typical for unisex baby clothes. Except Team Yellow and Team Gray don’t have the same ring to them. So…Team Green it is! I know the term “gender” is often used interchangeably these days, but ever since that Sociology of Sex and Gender class I took in college, I can’t bring myself to use the term that way just to avoid saying the S-E-X word. 😉

Speaking of semantics, how people ask in German about the baby’s sex is to me, linguistically, very strange. “Wisst ihr schon, was es wird?” (Do you already know what it will be?) It’s weird because the baby isn’t going to become a boy or a girl…it already is one or the other! Yes, the baby will come later. But it’s still strange. “Do you know what you’re having?” as is the typical question in English makes a lot more sense to me.

With Theo, we definitely wanted to find out ahead of time if it was a boy or a girl. We have had a girl name picked out since before ever becoming pregnant, and we had no idea for boy names and knew we would need extra time to figure that out if it was a boy. (And he obviously was!) Also, before we ever had any ultrasound evidence that he was a boy, I just had a strong gut feeling that he was a boy. And I was right!

This time, we still have that same girl name (it’s a family name so it’s not only associated with Theo), so we still only have to come up with a boy name. Same as last time, but still the excitement of not knowing for certain, even though, again, I have a super strong feeling it’s another boy. But just because I was right with Theo doesn’t mean I’m right this time around. I wasn’t surprised at all when I found out that Theo was a boy around 18-20 weeks pregnant. This time, even though I have a hunch, I’m hoping it will feel a little bit like a surprise even if it’s a boy, just because I’ll have been waiting for so long! And if it’s a girl…I’ll be absolutely flabbergasted. Either way, waiting so long makes it seem like a surprise either way. And having a little bit of mystery has been fun and not at all overwhelming like it might be for some people, or like it would have been for me for my first pregnancy.

It’s also been exciting being able to dream a little for both sexes. I’ve done my fair share of indulging in looking at girly clothes and accessories like hair bands and little bows, which I didn’t get to do the first time around. Plus, it’s been a wonderful incentive not to buy too many clothes before baby’s here. (My wallet thanks me!) And finding truly unisex clothes is hard, especially when you’re not a fan of pastel yellows and greens. For a second baby due around the same time as the first was, I don’t need all that much stuff anyway. I am excited to go through Theo’s newborn clothes again and sort out what could be used for a girl, if needed, too.

In the end, I can’t really say why I wanted to wait this time around. It was just a gut feeling, like how I knew with Theo and with this baby that I wanted to try for natural childbirth. The more I’ve thought about it, though, the more I hope it will also give me that extra motivation at the end for the pushing stage. I’ll be so curious by then!

Has anyone else gone Team Green before? Or did you want to know before the birth? Do you know anyone who was told the wrong sex, only to find out it was the opposite one later?!


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on Team Green

  1. My dad’s cousin was told his first was a girl. It turned out to be a boy and stupidly they had only bought pink clothes! He had to run out and buy a few neutral outfits after the birth!
    Personally I want to be surprised, if I ever actually get pregnant!

  2. I wanted to know both times – I’m just impatient, I suppose 😉 And I was right both times, as well – I know all pregnancies are different, but though I felt awful for both first trimesters, it just felt like a very different sort of awful this time round! We are totally stuck with girls names though. 4/5 weeks to go, and still NO IDEA. Argue.

    • Names are hard. We always found girl names much easier though!! There are several I love that I would use. Getting the hubby to agree on a name is another issue though. Good luck!

  3. Being an OB nurse, I knew I wanted to wait until the babies were born. There was always more excitement in the delivery room when the sex of the baby was unknown. That being said, I had to have an emergency C with my second one. During the pre-op ultrasound, they asked if we wanted to know what the baby was. OK, 20 minutes out right, we can find out. They told us the baby had boy parts and 20 minutes later we had a girl! It made for a lot of laughter and teasing in the OR.

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