Hey there! How was your weekend?

Tobias had a photo shoot all weekend, so for the most part it was just me and Theo. I spent all day spring cleaning on Saturday. And now that it’s officially spring, you know what that means?

HAY FEVER. Woo-hoo! (Not!)

I don’t know what set it off, but I ended up with a doozy of an allergy attack yesterday afternoon after I  woke up from a nap. I checked pollen counts for Hamburg and apparently a teeny tiny bit of birch pollen is in the air already. So maybe I can blame it on that.

I feel like all I’m doing lately here is complaining about my health. Oops. But I also know that I’m not alone – there are lots of people with colds, the flu, and various other illnesses at the moment. Anybody else joining me soon in some awful hay fever misery?

On the bright side, spring is coming. Technically, it’s already here, but I refuse to call anything spring until the temperature reaches at least 60ºF/16ºC. And spring cleaning, though slow going, is making me feel a little bit lighter.

This being my third trimester, I mean that figuratively, of course. Because literally, I’ve gotten huge and am getting huger. I can now feel my belly on my lap when I sit down. And turning over in bed has gotten to this point:


One fun thing to share was that I made this delicious recipe last night for dinner. Theo really enjoys helping out in the kitchen these days. I have him stand on a chair at the counter, although maybe I should invest in (or DIY) one of those learning tower things to reduce the risk of him falling over.

When it came down to actually eating the meal, Theo didn’t try the salad part at all. He almost refused to try the beets, but I forced him to lick one, after which he ate 6 or 7 big chunks and begged for more. He kept calling the couscous “rice”, and he ate a lot of that. And I was surprised that he also asked for more of the garlic yogurt. I really loved this recipe. I substituted the walnut topping for peanuts and that worked really well. So if you’re looking for something easy peasy yet super delicious for dinner (or lunch!) this week, give this a try!


One thought on “Ramblings

  1. Ugh, I got terrible allergies when pregnant with die Lüdde. I had never had an issue with birch before (and obv not in Oz) but the Spring of 2014, I was an asthmatic MESS. Hoping I don’t get them as badly this time round, because this baby is due in Spring. And ja, we are all crawling out of a tunnel of illness. We all got the same virus doing the rounds – started in the tummy, became a chesty cold and cough. But we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    As for Theo eating beetroot – brill. We have to hide the beetroot from L, because she will eat a jar of beetroot balls like it is some sort of giant treat. I mean, I love beetroot too, but she is on another level …

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