Links & Love


Just a little update on life around here. How about another list? :)

I’m 34 weeks pregnant and now officially on maternity leave. Yay!

It’s gone back to winter weather again. We’ve had a lot of hail and weather in the 40s-50s. Whyyyyyy?!

I’m about halfway done crocheting my baby blanket. This time two years ago, I was already finished. Gotta get a move on! (Although it turns out I was 37 weeks then. So I still have some time!)

We’re not sleeping well over here. Theo has been very clingy the past several days…hoping this phase ends soon.

And now for some links:

I need to try this trick for cleaning windows. I cleaned my balcony door and the windows surrounding it this weekend, and WOW! What a difference!

I read a version of this article with my students a few weeks ago: What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage, by Amy Sutherland, about how she learned techniques to train her husband from observing exotic animal trainers.

These name stickers made me laugh.

This website gives a lot of helpful tips on dealing with babies and toddlers!

Learning about German trash sorting now that our apartment has trash cans out back. I’m still getting the hang of it but feel excited to do a little bit more for the environment!

I want to make these mocktails, and the pictures really make me wish I had some mason jars to drink them out of!


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