Spring is back, FINALLY!

Or at least a little bit more. We spent yesterday outside for the first time this year sans coats or jackets. IT WAS AMAZING. Theo took far too short of a nap but then at least was in a good mood and played outside on the playground and we all shared some ice cream. I could eat ice cream for every meal right now…craving it so badly. 35 weeks now – 5 weeks until my due date. Baby’s getting bigger!



Have I mentioned how obsessed Theo is with his panda bear hat? Yesterday between that and his little sailor jacket…and suddenly we’re those parents. Hah. I love this little boy so much.


Also, this picture was taken post-playground and post-ice cream. Look how messy his clothes are! Just doing my part to keep it real. I always see lovely pictures of people’s kids on the internet and they look so fashionable and picture perfect. I’m sure their kids must get just as dirty as mine…they just choose the pre-playground and pre-ice cream pictures. But life is messy sometimes, and here’s a reminder that that’s okay.


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