Theo’s 2nd birthday

Theo turned TWO!! on Monday, May 16. I can’t believe my little baby is all grown up. Okay, all grown up is not quite the right phrase for it, but holy cow. How am I already parent to a two-year-old? What a huge difference the past two years have made!

I’m not sure I ever shared this here, but I made a video about Theo’s birthing day. (Don’t worry, it’s pretty PG. Maybe PG-13 for a few pictures.) I’m so glad Tobi took pictures and that I made this video. (Note to self for second baby: do this, too!)

Unfortunately, he was sick the days leading up to his birthday. He had a high fever and was unusually cuddly and had no interest in playing. Very fussy. Very clingy. I don’t blame the poor guy. And on top of that, we were out of our normal environment because we were away with friends for the weekend on a church retreat. While it was nice to be there, and especially to have so many people around to celebrate his birthday on Monday, it was also a very exhausting weekend and we are all recovering.

This was by far the best moment, though. He was so excited about the knife he got (and the wooden fruits & veggies to cut with it). I’m so glad we got this moment on camera. We’ve watched it about a gazillion times already.

Happy birthday, my little boysen. Bobatsi. Mr. Boy. Bud. Theo baby. It’s been a pleasure watching you learn and grow. May it ever continue.


Mama (& Daddy)


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