Due date

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Theo arrived two days after my due date. This baby…well, yesterday (June 5) was the day, and no baby yet. I’m beginning to love when people call it a “guess date” and not a due date, because it’s not like the baby is aware of when it is supposed to be born.

Anyway, I’m huge. I’m waddling. I’m still relatively comfortable, and this has been an amazing pregnancy with only minor aches and discomfort, so I really can’t complain. But I hope I won’t have to wait too much longer, because it would be nice to avoid any additional stress and pressure by doctors and hospitals to get the baby out by a certain deadline. Who needs stress?

But my gut tells me that won’t be a problem. This baby will come when he or she is ready, and I think it will be sometime this week. Of course, my gut told me too that maybe I would see baby before my due date, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Good thing, because I was wrong. Hah!

We’re having a heat wave here in Hamburg. High 70s to low 80s is pretty uncommon here, especially for such a long stretch, but it’s definitely hot enough for it to feel like summer! So we are taking advantage of all the summery fun we can. Theo loves the playgrounds with the water pumps to play in, and yesterday we went down to the Elbe in the afternoon to spend some time on the beach. We got rained out with a thunderstorm and even a bit of hail, but the sun came back out 20 minutes or so later and we had a nice walk home.

Speaking of heat, I didn’t have to remove my wedding and engagement rings while pregnant with Theo, but they were getting uncomfortably tight due to all the swelling from the heat, so I wrangled them off early this morning with cold water, hair conditioner, and a little elbow grease. My knuckles are still sore, but thank goodness I got the rings off! I just so happened to have a bigger ring from early on in our relationship that Tobi gave me, so that’s a placeholder so my hand doesn’t feel entirely naked!

I’m guessing this will be my last post before the baby comes, and it may take a little while before I’m ready to post more. But I will be sure to at least update with the stats soon after my little one makes their appearance!

Bis bald!


One thought on “Due date

  1. You look fabulous, and I’m so glad for you you’re not too uncomfortable. I had Mini Dietz 2 a week early and even so the last couple of weeks were absolutely horrendous – she was breech, and it turns out that having someone’s slowly expanding head pushing into your stomach for 10 weeks or so is bloody painful! I also had to take my rings off this time but hadn’t realised how tight they were till the indents they’d made didn’t go away for weeks afterwards!! Anyway… I hope the little one makes an appearance soon and it all goes smoothly, am looking forward to hearing the news of his or her arrival 🙂

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