Sewing class


My friend Andrea convinced me to sign up for a jersey sewing class with her. It’s a good thing I did — she and I were the only students! It was 2x 3 hours and we came with our own projects to complete. I started small and made a hat from Frau Mathilde using her free pattern. I didn’t quite finish it in the first lesson, but was able to finish it up a few days later at home. IMG_0802_zpssnbdmok7

My second project was a pair of pants for Avi. Except maybe it’s the pattern I used…but it ended up way too big and almost fits Theo in the waist and just barely on the height. Oh well. But it was a good first try and I definitely gathered some helpful tips from the teacher during the process that will make my sewing better overall.


I got so excited about sewing that I finally finished up a new sun hat for Theo. The pieces had already been cut out, but had been sitting around for a month or more. It ain’t perfect either, but I’m happy with it and it will be nice to have a new hat for our upcoming trip to Mallorca.


My next project is to make some leg extenders for that Ergo carrier. Theo likes being “Daddy’s backpack” but his legs are too long now. I found a nice pattern on Pinterest.

Has anybody else done any crafty projects lately? What’s on your DIY to do list?


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