Falling for fall

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It’s been an eventful and awesome October so far. I turned 30 (!!) on the 6th and we left two days later to spend 10 days on vacation in Mallorca, effectively escaping the true beginning of real fall weather and instead spending just a little while longer in flip flops and t-shirts and shorts. Hallelujah, the timing was good!

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 9.54.15 PM_zps9rduptqp

Vacation with a toddler is a very different definition of the word ‘vacation’, but Theo had the time of his life and it forced us to do the little things we had at some point stopped doing, such as digging holes in the beach and building sand castles and running into and out of the waves. And you know what? It was fun. We got down and dirty and something about it was more enjoyable than lying for hours in the hot sun with a good book and a cocktail, although that sounds nice, too. It’s so fun to watch your kids experience new things. While Avi didn’t really notice much if we were in Mallorca or in Hamburg, he enjoyed putting his feet in the sand and liked the water more than we’d expected. Theo quickly learned to say, “Hola” to passersby and he found the new foods we ate every night for dinner — green olives, canned tuna, and ham cut straight off of the pig leg — utterly delicious.

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 9.52.57 PM_zpsagcx3xzw

Now we are back and the leaves are changing on the trees. It’s cold, dreary, rainy, and starts getting dark at 4 pm, and I realize now that we don’t have any warm hats for Theo in his current size. The temperature difference was quite a shock to the system, but I’m also starting to enjoy the coziness of the season. Bring on the cinnamon toast, hot chocolate, and soup for at least 50% of our meals. Bring it on, fall. Don’t get too cold on us too quickly, though, okay?


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