Tauschkiste Tuesday

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’ll know about my obsession addiction love of the Tauschkiste.

Someone had the fantastic idea of making a little wooden structure in a nearby park to hold items that people no longer want. The Tauschkiste, or “trade box” is the size of a telephone booth, made of wood, and has shelves and a place for hangers to hang up clothes.

Not only have I gotten rid of a lot of things I didn’t need anymore, but I have also found tons of things I didn’t need! Just kidding, I’ve found a lot of great treasures here, and I’m a big sucker for getting things for free. Plus, once that thing has served its purpose, or if we get tired of it, that’s okay! Right back to the Tauschkiste it goes! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say.

And because I take a lot of walks these days (thanks, maternity leave!), I often make sure my route includes a stop by the Tauschkiste. Sometimes multiple times in one day, because you never know when someone will put something new in there!

Some of the treasures I’ve already found include this baby gym, a kids’ table for Theo, and two hats for Avi (1, 2). And those are just the ones I’ve documented on Instagram.

So out of the thrill of the hunt, and the fun that comes in sharing, I want to start a new series. On Tuesdays, I will post my interesting finds of the week.

These finds are from a few weeks ago, before we went on vacation.


First up, my new favorite scarves, which also work super well as a pair!


A set of cloth napkins:


A little book about snow that had the sweetest illustrations in it:


And a big metal planter that I want to put some chrysanthemums in soon!



3 thoughts on “Tauschkiste Tuesday

  1. So cool! We have something similar near our apartment, but just for book sharing. I would love a Tauschkiste to get rid of all the decorations my mother-in-law gives me whenever she visits 😉

  2. Such a cool idea!! There were Bücherschränke all over Karlsruhe, but a place to exchange everything would be amazing! Here people just put their own boxes outside with “Gratis” written on, but most of it usually stuff nobody would actually want anyway… ugly plates and extremely out of date textbooks. We saw one maths textbook from the 70s!

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