Rückbildung – building yourself back up after birth

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German health insurance pays for classes after the birth of your baby to start getting back into shape again and, most importantly, strengthen your pelvic floor. That’s what that extremely long word up there is.

Organizing my going to this class with Theo was a lot easier than it is now. Tobi has two kids to take care of by himself while I go off to sports, which is not a problem for him except for hoping that Avi drinks enough milk before I leave and isn’t screaming out of hunger while I’m gone. The toddler is usually hard enough to deal with when the baby is happy, let alone when the baby is crying!

I went to one class at the end of September, but haven’t been back yet, and there are 7 more that I am allowed to take. I still plan to do the classes, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do some more exercise on my own. I’ve got to do more to strengthen my sore back from all that babywearing and toddler lifting and stretch out my tense muscles.

I enjoyed the [little bit of] prenatal yoga I did at home during my pregnancy, and I was glad to get an email from Melany over at Melany’s Yoga Couch. She’s another American expat living in Hamburg and teaches live classes as well. It’s hard for me to get out of the house sans kids, so it was great that she reached out and shared with me that she has a YouTube channel and there’s even a video geared specifically towards new moms to strengthen your pelvic floor. I tried that this week, as well as the Wrist-Free Yoga, as I often have trouble with my wrists during exercise, and I am happy to report that I really enjoyed the workout.

Thanks, Melany, for sharing your videos with me. I hope someone else might find this useful.

What do you other new moms do to get back in shape?


4 thoughts on “Rückbildung – building yourself back up after birth

  1. Thank you for sharing, that sounds cool! I’m just done with my Rückbildungskurs, I did the kind where you take the baby with you as I didn’t want to leave the poor husband at home with both after a long day at work. But I definitely need some more excercise, the only thing I manage at the moment is doing some yoga exercises while reading a kids yoga book with my 2,5 year old.

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