Tauschkiste Tuesday


Leave it to me to introduce a new series one week and forget about it the next. 😉 I blame it on the kids. Or lack of sleep. Or the fact that we were away from Saturday at 4 am until Monday evening. Or the fact that I can’t very well do this series without pictures, and I am always running out of room on my phone. I have excuses galore…so just pick your favorite!

To make up for it, here’s an picture of what the actual Tauschkiste looks like. I’m always amazed at how fast things go. Sometimes I walk by multiple times in one day and there will be entirely new things there each and every time. And then some things (like that CD stand on the right) hang out there for weeks at a time. It’s the thrill of the hunt I love best!

Without further ado, here are some recent Tauschkiste finds:

Kasimirs Weltreise – with that typical German rhyming style…it’s so pretty that I might even have to read that one to Theo in German instead of English. And the pictures = gorgeous. It’s a story about a boy who travels around the world in one entire morning and is back just in time for a midday nap.


Some wooden IKEA planter boxes. I took out the metal tray and cleaned up the boxes and now they are a perfect place to store Theo’s smaller matchbox cars (and planes and trains).



That’s all for now. More next week!


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