Would it be so bad?

We might skip Thanksgiving dinner this year and just move on to Christmas.

I’ve always enjoyed hosting Thanksgiving dinner, but this year I have very little desire to do so. On the one hand, after 6 years of cooking it on our own, we’ve got the process down. It was considerably easier last year. But this year…I don’t know. I feel like I’m in a funk.

I might just make some pumpkin pie and call it a day. I thought about outsourcing recipes this year and having all the guests each bring one dish…but somehow, it still all feels like too much.

I’m not even quite as excited about Christmas this year as I have been in previous years. What’s with that? I am happy that we will see my family this year at Christmas — we are flying in on December 14th and will be back in Hamburg in time to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Maybe I’m somewhat dreading the flights with two kids to get there…I don’t know.

I keep hoping that once I get my tree up and a little more Christmas feeling, I will start to feel a little better and more excited about things. So, to that end…here are some pictures I took of Christmasy things I saw at Aldi yesterday.

This was the biggest can of beer I’ve ever seen! It was 0.75 liters!


And some little Räuchermänner – I’ve seen Santa ones and hunters before, but the pirate one is funny!


Is anybody else struggling to feel motivated these days? It’s the darkness and the cold weather, right?


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