How the week flu by 

You see what I did there? 

Yeah, this past week kicked our butts. Theo caught a bad virus – God bless Kita, but holy germs – and gave it to us. We had flu-like symptoms and were just awfully feverish and sick for a week. It’s so not fair to have both parents sick at the same time when there are little ones to look after. 

And being cooped up in the house and being thrown off our routine made the toddler’s mood extremely difficult to deal with. Situations that are tough enough to handle while feeling well are so much worse when sick. There were so many moments where I was so unsure of how we would make it through. 

We somehow managed to survive, and finally a new week has begun. Theo is back at Kita. Tobi is back at work. Things are mostly back to normal again. Hallelujah. Let’s do this. 


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