Speaking of Easter…

(Look at Baby Theo! Gosh, how time flies!) 

I spent WAY. TOO. MUCH. TIME. the past two weeks agonizing about what kind of Easter basket to get for Avi. Should it be the same as Theo’s? Different? Should I get them both new ones? What size? What color? Agh! I kind of went down the rabbit hole (pun totally intended, ha ha) with this decision.

I may have to file this away into my list of crazy things I’ve worried about for way too much time that actually have little to no importance, but I’m a Libra. Indecision is part of who I am.

Also, as a mom, I sometimes feel a lot of pressure to make things perfect for my kids. This Easter basket thing, for example. Growing up, my brother and I had the same Easter baskets every year for as long as I can remember. “These ones I choose now have to last for years and years! ” I kept telling myself.

But you know what? I confided in my own mother about my search for the perfect life-long Easter basket and she said that even ours weren’t the original ones we had as babies or toddlers, so not to worry. It doesn’t actually matter. In 5 years, will this decision matter? In 10? Nope. Make a choice and let it go. Because there is no perfect. Especially not in parenting.

In the end, I found one online that looks exactly like Theo’s Easter basket, bit the bullet, and ordered it. I will decorate it with curly ribbon in different colors just like his, and they will have matching baskets just like my brother and I had. Passing on a little bit of my childhood to my own children feels good. Who knows. Maybe it will become tradition. Maybe not. It’s all good. It felt good to finally make a decision.

Besides. The basket is totally secondary. They’ll be more happy about what’s inside them, not the actual basket. Well, Avi might like the actual basket, since he’s still too young to really appreciate presents. I bet he’ll end up trying to eat the grass like Theo did on his first Easter.

Next up, I need to decorate an Easter tree. I wonder how I will keep it safe from Theo, though? Hmm.


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