Laufrad: The balance bike

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When learning how to ride a bicycle, all the German kids start off using balance bikes rather than training wheels. They call it a Laufrad – walking bicycle.


Theo’s godmother, Selina, bought him one for his 2nd birthday, with a matching red helmet to go with it. He was too short for it for a while, but back in December, we tried it out and he was finally tall enough.


Things were slow-going at first. But now he has figured out how to go quite fast on it and sometimes I have to jog to keep up. Luckily, he has gotten better at following directions in the last half year, so I think he’s developmentally more able to handle a Laufrad now, too.

I got him a horn to go with it, but he can’t quite manage to honk it by himself. I think I will trade it out for a bell to ring instead. Maybe a good little present to stick in his Easter basket this year.


And I think he loves the freedom that comes with it. This ad in the train station was appropriate: Loslassen! Freiheit genießen!

Let go! Enjoy the freedom!



2 thoughts on “Laufrad: The balance bike

  1. Last time I visited my friends Jenny and Robert, their son was on his- in order to walk around the city, one of them *always* had to be chasing the kid because he would just take off in any direction that caught his eye. Into stores, up to big dogs, anywhere he wanted to go.

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