American 101

Ahh, my old German notes. My very first day in German class, I took these notes:



German 101

ex. Homework
p. (page)
Exercise 1-2

The challenge…


I can only hope I wrote it down wrong on the board (and not that the [American] professor that got it wrong – no, I’m sure it was my mistake!), but…”Deutsche” 101 means German as in a German person, not the language!

Unless you’re talking about “das Deutsche”, which is used for linguistic purposes to say “the German language”. Which is kind of close. But really, it should have been “Deutsch 101”. That’s like saying “Frenchman 101” or “Swede 101”.

It’s funny (and super embarrassing!) to look back on my old German notes from the beginning, but it’s also encouraging to see how far I’ve come. Sure, I still don’t have the best grammar sometimes and God knows I get the gender wrong at least 75% of the time, which is just awesome (not) because your grammar can then be wrong just by the nature of using the wrong gender. Because that’s how crazy the German language is.

But in the past 7 years I’ve lived here, I’ve really picked up a lot. And I learn new things every day. Learning a new language is hard. But oh so worth it.


One thought on “American 101

  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing your Deutsche notes and comments – no shame in any of it! I wonder if I still have any of my old notes? I’ll let you know if I find any. You know I’m proud of you, you’ve come so far Sarah! The student has WAY surpassed her teacher :)

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