Life around here

I do miss this space here: my little corner of the Internet. To be honest, I’m kind of in way over my head with this parenting two kids gig. It hasn’t left me with enough energy to do much of anything else. How many times have I posted since Avi’s birth? I’m embarrassed to think about it.

So, around here recently:  Theo turned 3. We went on a trip to Sylt and stayed in the big Bundeswehr Zelte (army tents) again. Avi turned 1.

Perhaps most importantly, and another reason why I have so little time, is that I am taking a 12-week online parenting class over on Aha! Parenting.  It has been so very helpful. It’s also a lot of work and I will admit that I have lost some steam as far as trying to complete all of the tasks, homework, and reading. But I am glad I am doing it, and I am picking up tips and tricks and learning new skills – rewiring my brain is hard work, but so worth it. Since Avi’s birth, and having a 2- to 3-year-old, I feel like I enjoy parenthood less than other people seem to, and I feel like that can’t be the way it is supposed to be.

I suppose that’s all for now. Both kids have been sleeping for a long time and I hear humming from the other room, so my ‘me time’ will be coming to a close shortly. In fact, I’m just going to publish this without even adding a picture, like I usually do. Otherwise it will sit for several more days before I finally get around to it. No more perfectionism necessary – no pressure on myself.

How are things with you?

2 thoughts on “Life around here

  1. Ah, it is getting harder sometimes as more kids come into family and sometimes it looks better from outside as it is from inside family. Not fare ago I realized that all parents straggling parenting now and again, but you are doing well – working on it, that’s the right direction.

  2. I had noticed that you’ve posted much less frequently. I hope that as your kids get older, you’ll have more to say instead of less.

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