Lately, every time I sit down to write, the words just escape me. Life is incredibly challenging right now, and sometimes it’s just a matter of survival. Pushing through, trying not to lose hope that indeed, brighter days are on the horizon. We’ve been dealing with some health issues in our family for the past half a year, and I often feel lost in a sea of troubles.

When life gets tough, it’s even more important to take pleasure in the little things. Like the amount of joy a simple sheet and some clothespins can bring. Looking at those big, toothy grins on those little faces, I don’t know how I got so lucky to have brought these sweet, special beings into the world. This picture is so imperfectly perfect, and I love it.

This morning, on my second cup of coffee, Avi asked me to read a book. I sat down in the armchair in the boys’ room and Theo saw me struggling to hold both my coffee and Avi and the book, so he pushed over his play kitchen and said, “Here you go, Mama. For your coffee.” It was so darn sweet, I could cry.

These are the moments I want to hold onto right now. Giggles, static-electricity-induced hairstyles, and brothers having fun together on a Saturday afternoon.


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