Why hello there, Julius!

IMG_9117_zpsoufyhf4lWe were on a walk the other day and Tobias pointed across the street and said, “It’s Julius!”

“Where?” I asked. “Up there on that balcony,” Tobias replied.

Let’s zoom in a little bit…


And there he was. Julius Caesar. Just standing up there, cape flapping in the wind.


Hey there, tough guy! Definitely the strangest / funniest thing I’ve seen in my neighborhood in a while.

Happy Friday! (the 13th!) May your day be full of unexpected pleasures.


I’ve been going through old photos, trying to get my digital files backed up and organized, and I found this gem:



Best graffiti ever?

May your weekend be full of fun things – and hopefully no dog shit!

This totally made my day.

I was texting my sister-in-law back and forth last night and wanted to attach a picture to send to her. When I went to pull up the picture, there were two new pictures on my camera roll that at first I was like…where did these come from!? A picture of Abby and of me with the same twirly mustache. Haha what?! Then I realized my mom had sent those – and I remembered that WhatsApp automatically saves pictures to my camera roll – and I walked into the other room to show Tobias, only to see him looking at the exact same pictures on Facebook. Made me laugh SO much! ScreenShot2014-11-07at121226PM_zpsf8ef1260 I love my family and their silliness so much. Thanks for the laughs, Mom. Happy Friday, all.

How much is that doggy in the window?

While walking out in the city, I had to laugh when I spotted this across the street: a big dog, sitting on the windowsill.


I see cats doing this every once in a while, and could even imagine a smaller dog like a chihuahua doing this, but a big dog like this?!


Guess he was enjoying the view!