Roll it on out!


As I mentioned before, we had plans to build a roll-out pantry next to our fridge, à la this tutorial found on Halifax Bloggers.

Instead of building one from scratch, however, we decided to perform an IKEA hack and see if we couldn’t modify an existing shelf into what we needed. We did the measurements and found that we needed something 60cm wide so that it didn’t stick out too much past the fridge. We thought about using a BILLY, but those are 20cm wider than we needed. I had almost picked up a free one someone was giving away on eBay Kleinanzeigen when I happened to notice a new shelf at our local IKEA that was exactly the size we needed!

I had Tobias check the measurements again, and sure enough, the GERSBY bookcase was just perfect! We made a trip to the hardware store to pick up the necessary supplies: a board to put underneath the shelf, some wheels, dowel rods, screws, and wood plugs to connect the board to the bookcase. Earlier in the week, I had even found exactly the same drawer handle on sale at IKEA as the ones we have on our kitchen drawers.

Side note: I’m just now realizing that I have quite a bit of hardware vocabulary that I only know in German, not English!!! Holzdübel = wood plugs. Funny how that happens!

Tobias worked all afternoon and evening on it and – success! – finished it up last night. I helped a little bit, but it was mostly Tobi. I’m seriously impressed and, again, very thankful to have such a handy husband!

He even put little sideways wheels at the top so it wouldn’t scrape up against the fridge too much. And the door frame keeps it from pulling out too far. Worked out just perfectly!


We suddenly have double the storage space and can now spread out our dishes a bit more in our kitchen cupboard! I need to arrange things better on the shelves of our pantry, but that is a project for another day!